Best-in Class Flow Guide

Best-in-class Flow Guide

Best-in-Class Flow Guide

Best-in Class Flow Guide

Get your FREE Personalized Flow Blueprint

Get your FREE Personalized Flow Blueprint

Get your FREE Personalized Flow Blueprint

Get your FREE Personalized Flow Blueprint

The Ultimate Flow Guide

The Ripple flow blueprint is a comprehensive guide to a best-in class flow program for your brand. With 10+ essential flows, our guide outlines the industry best-practices and detailed setup instructions for a holistic solution to your flow setup.

Personalized Content

Our flow blueprint provides personalized and detailed content for each individual flow email based on your brands characteristics. With this practical guide, take the guesswork out the equation and let your creativity flow.

Automation Rules Baked-In

Flow automations should trigger and stop at the right time for an optimal customer experience. Our guide comes with each trigger, filter, and segmentation detail your flows need to optimize the customer journey.

Generate emails instantly

Finish your email campaign calendars in minutes not days, using the Ripple AI Assistant. Ripple perfectly captures your goals and angles, and will suggest the best sequence of emails for the job.

Edit emails with intuitive AI

Even AI can’t replace a personal touch. AI-assistance makes it a breeze to swipe through designs, find images, write new copy, or find the perfect review to emphasize your angle!

Publish to your email provider

Ripple works with the tools you use today, no need to change your email service provider. We integrate directly with popular email platforms, and offer an easy HTML export if necessary.

Personalized Brand AI

Your AI needs to be as unique as your brand. Ripple understands your products, reviews, and brand voice, just like an extension of your team.

Instant Email Generation

Don’t like to wait? Us either. That’s why we built one-click campaign creation. Once your plans are ready, receive your email drafts in minutes.

Intuitive Editor

Email edits don’t need to be complicated. Browse a vast library of block designs and layouts to find the perfect fit, without the designers dilemma.

Copywriting Copilot

Constantly creating new ideas and content can be tiring. Ask Ripple for a helping hand to create lists, blurbs, and headlines.

Execute from one platform

A planner, generator, editor, and publishing platform all-in-one. Ripple syncs with your existing email provider, so you can schedule in one click with confidence.

Delivery Optimized

Tested across all major devices and email providers. Our optimizations make sure your emails are prime and pretty when they arrive.



Why is it free?

We at Ripple believe in democratizing best-in class marketing tactics to all ecommerce brands, not just the large ones. Marketing for a young brand is tough, and agencies are expensive. This is our way of lending a helping hand on the entrepreneurial journey each brand embarks on.

What is Ripple?

Ripple is an AI powered marketing suite for ecommerce brands. Today, we help brands realize the full-potential of their email channel by providing a singular place to ideate, plan and instantly generate their email marketing; assisted by AI at every step.

How do I sign up?

Just provide your email in the signup above and we'll get your personalized flow blueprint within the next 72 hours.

What software do I need to implement?

We've designed the flow blueprint to work within Klaviyo's editor, but the same principles and practice can be applied to any email service provider.

How can I make and manage this many emails?

Check out Ripple to instantly create email campaigns and flows for your brand.

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